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Good evening.


Im Alfred Hitchcock.

=> 我是阿尔弗雷德希区柯克。

And tonight, Im presenting the first in a series of stories of suspense and mystery, called, oddly enough Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

=> 今晚,我正在展示一系列悬疑和神秘的故事中的第一个,这个故事足够奇怪地被称为Alfred Hitchcock礼物。

I shall not act in these stories, but will only make appearances.

=> 我不会在这些故事中表演,而只会露面。

Something in the nature of an accessory before and after the fact to give the title to those of you who cant read and to tidy up afterwards for those who dont understand the endings.

=> 在事实之前和之后,有一个附属物的性质,把那些不能阅读的人的头衔给予那些不了解结局的人,然后整理出来。

Tonights playlet is really a sweet little story.

=> 今晚的歌曲真的是一个可爱的小故事。

It is called Revenge.

=> 它被称为复仇。

It will follow Oh, dear.

=> 它会跟着哦,亲爱的。

I see the actors wont be ready for another 60 seconds.

=> 我看到演员将不会准备好再等待60秒。

However, thanks to our sponsors remarkable foresight we have a message that will fit in here nicely.

=> 但是,由于我们的赞助商卓越的远见,我们有一个信息,将很好地适应在这里。

Hey, worthless.

=> 嘿,毫无价值。

Breakfasts ready.

=> 早餐准备好了。

So soon? Sure.

=> 真快?当然。

I dont know how long it takes to get to this plant and I dont wanna be late the first day.

=> 我不知道需要多久才能到达这个工厂,我不想在第一天迟到。

You will make a spoiled do-nothing out of me.

=> 你会从我身上做出一种被宠坏的无所事事。

Ill give you every assistance possible.

=> 我会尽可能给你一切帮助。

Come on, times a-wasting.

=> 来吧,时间是浪费。

Look, baby, I gotta go to work.

=> 看,宝贝,我得去工作。


=> 你好。


=> 你好。

It smells good.

=> 闻起来好香。

You know, it seems strange to be sitting down to breakfast and have nothing ahead of me all day long.

=> 你知道,坐下来吃早餐,整天没有任何东西,这似乎很奇怪。

I wish I didnt have to go.

=> 我希望我不必去。

I hate to leave you here alone.

=> 我不想让你一个人呆在这里。

Dont worry about that.

=> 别担心。

Ill be all right.

=> 我会没事的。

Probably get a little bored, though, without you.

=> 可能会感到有点无聊,但没有你。

The last three days have been so wonderful.

=> 过去的三天非常美妙。

But otherwise, Ill be all right.

=> 但否则,我会没事的。

Why shouldnt I? No reason.

=> 为什么我不应该?没有理由。

Its just that I dont know anything about the people around here.

=> 只是我对这里的人不了解。

Would you like me to tell you about the people around here? Yes, tell me about the people around here.

=> 你想让我告诉你关于这里的人吗?是的,告诉我这里的人们。

Well, theyre friendly, and kind, and generous, if you expect them to be.

=> 那么,他们友善,善良,慷慨,如果你期待他们。

And most of them would be very quick to help someone they thought was in trouble.

=> 他们中的大多数人会很快帮助他们认为有麻烦的人。

Thered be a sprinkling of sourpusses, but only slight, a soupçon.

=> 会有一些散发的酸味,但只有轻微的汤汁。

In short, theyd be like most people everywhere.

=> 总之,他们会像所有地方的大多数人一样。

Very nice.

=> 非常好。

Practicing nine hours a day, from the age of ten may make a great ballerina, I suppose.

=> 我想,每天练习九个小时,从十岁开始,就可以做出一个优秀的芭蕾舞演员。

But Im afraid it cuts you off from the rest of the world, sweetheart.

=> 但是,恐怕它会让你离开世界其他地方,甜心。

You are much too cynical.

=> 你太玩世不恭了

I cant believe that your world is any more real than mine and I know that mine is much the nicer.

=> 我不能相信你的世界比我的世界更真实,我知道我的世界更美好。

Yeah, I guess it is.

=> 是的,我想是的。

And some of it spills over into mine, and makes it nicer, when Im with you.

=> 其中一些漏到我的身上,当我和你在一起的时候,它变得更好。

And whatre you gonna do all day in this lovely, imaginary world? Well, Ill go for a walk on the beach, as the doctor prescribed.

=> 你在这个可爱的想象世界整天做什么?好吧,我会像医生说的那样去海边散步。

And Ill rest a lot, and Ill sunbathe a little, as the doctor prescribed.

=> 我会休息一下,按照医生的规定,我会稍微享受一点日光浴。

And then I think Ill make you a surprise.

=> 然后我想我会让你感到惊讶。

You know, I may be a woman of hidden talents.

=> 你知道,我可能是一个隐藏人才的女人。

And some not so hidden.

=> 还有一些不那么隐蔽。

Thats a very nice thing for a husband to say even a somewhat new husband.

=> 对于丈夫来说,即使是一个有点新的丈夫也是如此。

It was never said with better reason.

=> 从来没有更好的理由说。

Hey, Ive gotta get out of here.

=> 嘿,我得离开这里。

Ill be back as soon as I can, around 5:00, I guess.

=> 我想我会在5点左右回来。


=> 好的。


=> 再见。

Bye, bye.

=> 再见。

Good morning, Mr.

=> 早上好,先生。


=> 斯潘。

Good morning, Mrs.

=> 早安,夫人。


=> Fergusen。

You off to work so soon? Well, its a little early, I know but, I dont know how long it takes at this time of the day with parking and everything.

=> 你这么快就工作了?那么,这有点早,我知道,但是,我不知道在这一天的这个时候停车和一切需要多长时间。

Would you like me to look in on your wife while youre gone? Thatd be very nice of you.

=> 你不在的时候,你想让我看看你的妻子吗?那对你很好。

And Im sure shed be glad to see you.

=> 我相信她会很高兴见到你。

Im going in to market after lunch I could take her along if shed like.

=> 午餐后我要去市场,如果她愿意,我可以带她一起去。

Well, maybe not today, Ive got the shopping list with me.

=> 好吧,也许不是今天,我有我的购物清单。

But Im sure shed like it another time.

=> 但我确定她会再次喜欢它。

And I know shed like it if youd come over.

=> 我知道如果你过来,她会喜欢它。

Im afraid she might get a little bored with nothing to do.

=> 我担心她可能会无聊无聊。

Shes not used to it.

=> 她不习惯。

Well, Ive gotta get going.

=> 好吧,我得走了。

Ill see you this afternoon.

=> 我今天下午见。


=> 你好。


=> 太太。


=> Fergusen。

Wont you come in? Well, just for a minute.

=> 你不会进来吗?那么,只需一分钟。

Please excuse the mess.

=> 请原谅一下。

You might think an army of vandals just passed through.

=> 你可能会认为一大堆破坏者刚刚通过。

All that actually happened is I baked one small cake.

=> 所有真正发生的事情是我烤了一个小蛋糕。

Well, it takes a little while to get used to working in a trailer.

=> 那么,习惯在拖车上工作需要一点时间。

Wont you have a glass of apple juice with me? Well, just half a glass.

=> 你不会陪我一杯苹果汁吗?那么,只有一杯。

You and your husband have just come out to California, havent you? Are you here for your health? Yes I had a small "breakdown," they called it.

=> 你和你的丈夫刚刚来到加利福尼亚,不是吗?你在这里是为了你的健康吗?是的,我有一个小的“崩溃”,他们称之为。

Luckily, my husband, whos an engineer He could transfer to his plant out here for six months and everything worked out just fine.


Wont you come sit down? Well, it wont take you long to recover, Ill bet.

=> 你不会坐下吗?那么,它不会让你很长时间恢复,我敢打赌。

You look fine, right now.

=> 你看起来很好,现在。

Im strong in the muscles.

=> 我肌肉强壮。

I trained as a dancer in the ballet.

=> 我在芭蕾舞团训练成舞者。

This was just nerves.

=> 这只是神经。

I was dancing my first part as a ballerina and Carl and I were married at the same time.

=> 我和芭蕾舞演员一起跳舞,卡尔和我同时结婚。

I guess it was just a case of too much happiness at one time.

=> 我想这只是一次幸福而已。

Does that sound foolish? No, of course not.

=> 这听起来愚蠢吗?不,当然不。

And this life will be just the thing for you.

=> 而这样的生活对你来说只是一件事。

Theres nothing so soothing as that sea.

=> 没有什么如此舒缓的海洋。

Both the sight of it and the sound of it.

=> 它的视线和它的声音。

Im growing to love it, too.

=> 我也越来越喜欢它。

Im going to market.

=> 我要去市场。

Would you like to come along? Id love to, but I have to watch the cake.

=> 你要一起来吗?我很想去,但是我得看着蛋糕。

Its a surprise for Carl.

=> 这对卡尔来说是一个惊喜。

He doesnt know I can bake a cake.

=> 他不知道我可以烤蛋糕。

Well, for that matter, I dont know it either.

=> 那么,我也不知道。

It may be more of a surprise to me.

=> 对我来说可能更令人惊讶。

Well, cakes can be kind of tricky.

=> 那么,蛋糕可能会有点棘手。

I guess Id better be getting along and Ill let you know the next time I go down.

=> 我想我最好能相处一段时间,下次我会告诉你。

Please do.

=> 请做。

Well, I think I can take a little sun now.

=> 好吧,我想我现在可以带上一点阳光。

It isnt too hot.

=> 它不是太热。

Well, I can believe youre a dancer.

=> 好吧,我可以相信你是个舞者。

And a lovely one, too.

=> 还有一个可爱的

Ill bet.

=> 我打赌。

Thank you.

=> 谢谢。

Well, goodbye.

=> 那再见吧;好吧再见。


=> 再见。


=> 艾尔莎。

Hey, Im home.

=> 嘿,我回来了。

Hey, let me in.

=> 嘿,让我进来。

Whatre you trying to do, Elsa? Burn up the joint? Elsa.

=> 艾尔莎,你想做什么?烧伤关节?艾尔莎。

What happened? Its Carl.

=> 发生了什么?这是卡尔。

What happened? Mrs.

=> 发生了什么?太太。

Fergusen! Mrs.

=> Fergusen!太太。

Fergusen! He killed me.

=> Fergusen!他杀了我

What, darling? He killed me.

=> 什么,亲爱的?他杀了我

Who? He killed me.

=> 谁?他杀了我

Who was it? And when? The cake.

=> 他是谁?什么时候?蛋糕。

I came in to see the cake and when I turned around, he was standing there.

=> 我进来看看蛋糕,当我转身时,他站在那里。

Before I Yes, then? Can you tell me more, darling? He said he was a salesman and when he asked me for money I refused him.

=> 在我之前是的,那么?亲爱的,你能告诉我吗?他说他是推销员,当他向我要钱时,我拒绝了他。

And then he grabbed me and I screamed and he choked me.

=> 然后他抓住我,我尖叫着,他窒息了我。

And then he killed me.

=> 然后他杀了我。

He killed me.

=> 他杀了我


=> 你好。

Shall I come in? Is there anything wrong? Is there anything I can do? Will you call a doctor? Somethings happened.

=> 我可以进来吗?有什么不对的吗?有什么我可以做的吗?你会打电话给医生吗?发生了什么事

Shes been beaten, badly hurt.

=> 她遭到殴打,受到严重伤害。

Hurry! All right, I will, Mr.

=> 匆忙!好的,我会的。


=> 斯潘。

I know one nearby.

=> 我知道附近有一个。

Dont worry, darling.

=> 别担心,亲爱的。

Shes gone for the doctor.

=> 她去看医生了。

Hell be here soon.

=> 他很快就会到。

Youll be all right.

=> 你会没事的。

Dont worry.

=> 别担心

Dont worry.

=> 别担心

What time did you get home, Mr.

=> 你几点回家,先生

Spann? About 5:00, maybe a few minutes after.

=> 斯潘?大约5点,也许几分钟后。

Did you come straight from work? Yeah.

=> 你是否直接上班?是啊。

Except I stopped to get some groceries.

=> 除了我停下来买点杂货。

Where do you work? Minot Aircraft.

=> 你在哪里工作? Minot飞机。

Did you hear anything, any call for help, or scream? Anything like that? No, not a thing.

=> 你有没有听到任何声音,呼救或尖叫?这样的吗?不,不是一件事。

But it must have been before she took the cake out, because it was burned.

=> 但是,在她把蛋糕拿出来之前一定是因为它被烧了。

Then that would be before I got back from town, you see.

=> 那就是在我从城里回来之前,你明白了。

Only one lady, a Mrs.

=> 只有一位女士,一位太太。

Jones, third trailer from the right.

=> 琼斯,右边第三个预告片。

She saw a man come into the park, from the beach.

=> 她看到一个男人从海滩进入公园。

But she didnt get too good a look at him.

=> 但是她没有看得太好。

She might be able to identify him, but she isnt sure.

=> 她可能能够识别他,但她不确定。

About six feet tall, gray suit, dark hair.

=> 身高约六英尺,灰色西装,黑发。


=> 好的。

You need us any more? No, I guess not.

=> 你还需要我们吗?不,我猜不。


=> 好的。

Thank you, Mrs.

=> 谢谢你,夫人


=> Fergusen。

I can get in touch with you here if we wanna talk to you again, cant I? Yes, indeed.

=> 如果我们想再和你说话,我可以在这里与你联系,不是吗?确实是的。

I think Ill stay here and wait until the doctor comes out and find out how she is.

=> 我想我会留在这里等到医生出来,看看她是怎么样的。

Poor thing.

=> 可怜的东西。

Poor little thing.

=> 可怜的小东西。

Yes, maam.

=> 是的女士。

I told Chris and Walton to go on.

=> 我告诉克里斯和沃尔顿继续说下去。


=> 好。

You wanna take a look inside? I didnt find anything.

=> 你想看看里面?我没有找到任何东西。


=> 当然。

You say the radio was on? Yes.

=> 你说收音机开着吗?是。

And you turned it off as you went inside? Thats right.

=> 你进去的时候把它关掉了?那就对了。

Is the room now exactly as you found it? I opened the window and I took the cake out of the oven, and then turned it off.

=> 现在的房间是否和你发现的一样?我打开窗户,把蛋糕从烤箱里拿出来,然后把它关掉。

How is she, doc? Shell be all right.

=> 她怎么样,医生?她会没事的。

How is she? Well, I dont think her condition is too serious.

=> 她怎么样?好吧,我不认为她的情况太严重了。

Physically, that is, Mr.

=> 身体上,就是先生。


=> 斯潘。

Otherwise, well, shes been through a very emotional shock.

=> 否则的话,她经历了一个非常激动的冲击。

And coming so soon after the breakdown Well, I cant tell you anything for certain.

=> 而在崩溃之后很快呢,我不能确定地告诉你什么。

Could we ask her a few questions? I dont think it would do any good, Lieutenant.

=> 我们可以问她几个问题吗?中尉,我认为这不会有什么好处。

I just gave her a shot.

=> 我刚给她一个镜头。

She wouldnt be able to tell you much.

=> 她不能告诉你很多。

And it might do a great deal of harm.

=> 这可能会造成很大的伤害。

This could even result in permanent damage.

=> 这甚至会造成永久性的损害。

No, I couldnt risk it now.

=> 不,我现在不能冒险。

Tomorrow, maybe.

=> 也许明天吧。

Were working in the dark, you know.


He wont disturb your wife.

=> 他不会打扰你的妻子。

I advise you to get her out of here.

=> 我建议你让她离开这里。

Just as soon as you can.

=> 尽可能快。

Take her to a hotel.

=> 带她去一家旅馆。


=> 任何地方。

Id do it tomorrow.

=> 我明天就去做

Yes, I will.

=> 好,我会的。

Well, Ill check in, in the morning.

=> 好吧,我会在早上登记。

See you later, doc.

=> 稍后见,doc。


=> 再见。

Any luck? Nothing.

=> 运气好的话?没有。

This makes it pretty tough for us, Mr.

=> 这对我们来说非常艰难。


=> 斯潘。

With nothing to go on but a tired carnation.

=> 没有什么可以继续,但一个累康乃馨。

Did she say anything about him? What he looked like, anything like that? Just that he was tall and dark and wearing a gray suit.

=> 她有没有对他说过什么?他长得什么样子?只是他身高又黑,穿着灰色西装。

You think you can catch him? With no more than that to go on? But he may still be nearby.

=> 你以为你能抓住他?没有比这更进一步呢?但他可能还在附近。

He may be in town, right now, walking the streets.

=> 他现在可能在城里,走在街上。


=> 当然。

But we cant just pick up every man wearing a gray suit.

=> 但是我们不能仅仅穿上穿灰色西装的男人。


=> 先生。

Spann, until your wife can give us something more definite theres really nothing we can do.

=> Spann,直到你的妻子可以给我们更确定的东西,我们无能为力。

There must be something.

=> 一定有东西。

I assure you, well do everything we can.

=> 我向你保证,我们将尽我们所能。

After all, thats the business were in, you know.

=> 毕竟,这是我们所处的行业,你知道的。

Yes, of course you will.

=> 是的,当然你会的。

Thank you, Lieutenant.

=> 谢谢,中尉。


=> 好的。

Now contact us as soon as your wife is better.

=> 现在只要你的妻子好一点就联系我们

We should talk to her at the earliest possible moment.

=> 我们应该尽早与她谈谈。

Ill call you.

=> 我会打电话给你。

All right.

=> 好吧。

If I ever find him, Ill kill him.

=> 如果我找到他,我会杀了他。


=> 是。


=> 是。

Good evening, Mr.

=> 晚上好,先生


=> 斯潘。

Did you find out anything? No, nothing so far.

=> 你有什么发现吗?不,到目前为止没有。

We just dropped by to check on how your wife is getting along.

=> 我们刚刚下车去检查你的妻子是如何相处的。

If maybe shed said anything else.

=> 如果也许她会说别的。

Anything that might possibly give us some kind of a lead.

=> 任何可能会给我们带来某种影响的东西。

No, not a thing.

=> 不,不是一件事。

Well, well check with you tomorrow.

=> 那么明天我们会和你联系。

Good night.

=> 晚安。

Good night.

=> 晚安。

Theyll never find him.

=> 他们永远不会找到他。

Elsa the doctor said we should move out of here as soon as we can.

=> 医生艾尔莎说,我们应该尽快离开这里。

Go to a hotel.

=> 去酒店。

Would you like that? Do you feel up to it? Yes.

=> 你想要吗?你觉得它吗?是。

That would be nice.

=> 那样就好了。

Tomorrow, perhaps.

=> 也许是明天。

You think youd know him, if you ever saw him again? Yes.

=> 你以为你会认识他,如果再见到他的话?是。

Oh, yes.

=> 哦,是的。

You wanna ride around a little, before we go to the hotel? Yes, that would be nice.

=> 在我们去酒店之前,你想骑一下吗?嗯,那样就太好了。

There he is.

=> 他在那。

Thats him.

=> 那是他。

Thats him.

=> 那是他。

Wait here for a minute.

=> 在这里等一下。

Youll be all right? Yes.

=> 你会没事的?是。


=> 抱歉。

Yes, sir? Room 321.

=> 是的先生? 321室

Here you are.

=> 这个给你。

What floor for you? After you.

=> 什么地板给你?在你之后。

Thirds mine.

=> 三是我的。

Same here.

=> 同样在这里。

Why dont we drive along the coast to the next little town? Itll be quieter, prettier.

=> 我们为什么不沿着海岸开车到下一个小镇呢?它会更安静,更漂亮。

Would you like that? Yes, that would be nice.

=> 你想要吗?嗯,那样就太好了。

If you get hungry, we can lunch along the way.

=> 如果你饿了,我们可以一路上吃午饭。

Something terrible has happened in 321.

=> 321有可怕的事情发生了。

What? A man There he is.

=> 什么?一个人在那里他是。

Thats him.

=> 那是他。

Thats him.

=> 那是他。

Well, they were a pathetic couple.

=> 那么,他们是一对可怜的夫妇。

We had intended to call that one Death of a Salesman.

=> 我们打算称之为“推销员之死”。

But there were protests from certain quarters.

=> 但有些方面有抗议。

Naturally, Elsas husband was caught, indicted, tried, convicted sentenced, and paid his debts to society for taking the law into his own hands.

=> 当然,艾尔莎的丈夫被逮捕,起诉,审判,定罪判决,并将自己的债务交由社会掌握。

You see, crime does not pay.

=> 你看,犯罪不付钱。

Not even on television.

=> 甚至没有在电视上。

You must have a sponsor.

=> 你必须有一个赞助商。

Here is ours.

=> 这是我们的。

After which, Ill return.

=> 之后,我会回来。

That was beautifully put.

=> 这是美丽的。

In fact, after hearing that, theres nothing more I wish to add.

=> 事实上,在听到这些消息之后,我没有更多想补充的内容。

So good night, until next week.

=> 那么晚安,直到下周。